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For the treatment of sports-related injuries, bring your child to the Fracture Care Clinic at one of our four convenient locations. Our Pediatric Orthopedic Physicians will see your child right away.

Our pediatric physicians specialize in the treatment of all types of sports injuries,
which are becoming more common in children.

As Sports Medicine Doctors, we see children with sports injuries

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Young athletes often begin their competitive sports careers as early as age seven, with some youth participating in organized sports activities as early as age four, if not sooner. Physical activity is necessary for normal growth in children. However, when the activity level becomes too intense or too excessive in a short time period, the tissue breaks down and injuries may occur.

Our physicians at Medical Center Children’s Orthopedic and Spine Specialists are seeing overuse injuries more often in children. Overuse injuries such as stress fractures, tendinitis, bursitis, apophysitis, and osteochondral injuries of the joint surface were rarely seen when children spent more time engaging in free play.

The following risk factors predispose young athletes to overuse injuries:


  • Sport specialization at a young age
  • Imbalance of strength or joint range of motion
  • Anatomic malalignment
  • Improper footwear or protective gear
  • A pre-existing condition
  • Growth cartilage less resistant to repetitive microtrauma
  • Intense, repetitive training during periods of growth

How do I know if my child has a broken bone

“If you feel your child may have a broken bone, be sure to bring him or her to a Medical City Children’s Orthopedic and Spine Specialists so one of our pediatric orthopedic specialists can provide a comprehensive diagnosis. It’s often hard to diagnose a broken bone without an X-ray exam and a medical exam.” Shyam Kishan, MD. “That’s why we have an X-ray located in our office.

“The single biggest factor contributing to the dramatic increase in overuse injuries in young athletes is the focus on more intense, repetitive, and specialized training at much younger ages.”

Sports injuries should be evaluated by one of our qualified pediatric orthopedic doctors

Any injury that involves obvious swelling, deformity, and/or loss of normal function (i.e. movement or strength) should be seen by one of our board-certified pediatric physicians immediately. All other injuries that appear to be minor should resolve themselves within a few days. However, if an injury does not heal and your child is not back to full participation without pain, it is best to have them evaluated by one of our pediatric orthopedic specialists who have years of experience in successfully treating children with sports injuries.

Injuries that go untreated can turn into chronic problems that require a much longer time away from the sport to allow the injury to heal properly. Early recognition and treatment of injuries are critical in returning athletes to their sport safely and quickly. Our pediatric orthopedic physicians look at all conservative treatment options before considering surgery. However, if surgery is necessary, our pediatric physicians at Medical City Children’s Orthopedic and Spine Specialists make sure the child has the best care and shortest recovery time possible. When feasible, we prepare the child by building endurance prior to surgery to reduce the length of time spent in the hospital.

Here are some ways to lower a child’s risk for broken bones and other injuries. Make sure your child:

Our Sports Medicine Doctors at Medical City Children’s Orthopedic and Spine Specialists have experience and expertise in the treatment of sports-related injuries in children. Our board-certified physicians specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents and can give your child the care and attention they deserve.

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