Southwest Scoliosis Institute treats patients from locations around the world

We treat children from locations all over the globe. We’re delighted that you’ve chosen our doctors for your child.

Children’s Health is Our Priority

Because our mission dictates that we provide our patients with the highest quality spine and orthopedic care from locations far and wide, we understand that as orthopedic doctors, we are more than doctors – we are partners in your child’s health, and we strive to treat each and every patient as if they were our very own family.

When it comes to the best medical practices, many families don’t understand the importance of using a pediatric orthopedic specialist for children instead of a doctor whose practice treats adults. Also, It is critical to always factor in how the growth plates are affected when treating a child. Therefore, pediatric doctors are trained to include this important point when assessing broken bones that could have long-term effects.

As orthopedic doctors and surgeons, we specialize in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of injuries and disorders involving children and their musculoskeletal systems. In addition, we treat children who come to our offices from locations around the world suffering from sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders.

Pediatric Orthopedic Practice with four Office Locations

Meanwhile, our practice develops new treatments to provide world-class care for children. Because of this, we see a wide variety of conditions that affect the growing muscles, joints, and bones of children and teenagers. Finally, our team, led by Dr. Kishan, Dr. Hostin, and Dr. Wiesman, studies and treats problems affecting the growing bones, joints, and muscles of children.

We are the experts in pediatric orthopedics.
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