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Because our mission dictates that we provide our patients with the highest quality spine and orthopedic care, we understand that as orthopedic doctors, we are more than doctors – we are partners in your child’s health, and we strive to treat each and every patient as if they were our very own family.

When it comes to the best medical practices, many families don’t understand the importance of using a pediatric orthopedic specialist for children instead of a doctor whose practice treats adults. Also, It is critical to always factor-in how the growth plates are affected when treating a child. Therefore, pediatric doctors are trained to include this important point when assessing broken bone that could have long-term effects.

As orthopedic doctors and surgeons, we specialize in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of injuries and disorders involving children and their musculoskeletal system. In addition, we treat sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders.

Pediatric Orthopedic Practice

Meanwhile, our practice develops new treatments to provide world-class care for children. Because of this, we see a wide variety of conditions that affect the growing muscles, joints, and bones of children and teenagers. Finally, our team, led by Dr. Kishan, Dr. Hostin, and Dr. Wiesman, studies and treats problems affecting the growing bones, joints, and muscles of children.

Orthopedic care for children
Shyam KIshan, MD, Orthopedic Physician

Dr. Shyam Kishan

Dr. Kishan is board certified in both the U.S. and in India.  Additionally, he specializes in a full array of pediatric orthopedic conditions, including management of early-onset scoliosis (using Mehta casting & Magec growing rods) and other complex spine conditions. In his own words, “I believe in an informed patient and family, treating every child as I would my own. Doctor who only focus on adults may not factor in the need to pay close attention to growth plates when treating a child,” says Dr. Shyam Kishan. “Growth plates are the weakest areas of a child’s growing skeleton, which makes them extremely vulnerable to injuries. Hence, Growth Plates must be considered when diagnosing and recommending the right treatment.” 

Kathryn Wiesman, MD, Orthopedic Physician

Dr. Kathryn Wiesman


Dr Wiesman is a board-certified pediatric orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the management of congenital, developmental, and traumatic orthopedic spine conditions affecting children.  As a graduate of Rice University and the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Wiesman says she “loves working with parents and their families to develop comprehensive treatment plans and finds it very rewarding that families entrust their children to her care.” 

Doctor Richard Hostin, Orthopedic Physician

Dr. Richard Hostin

Hailing from the sunny coast of Southern California where he grew up, Dr. Richard Hostin came to Texas with a desire to “work someplace I would want to go as a patient.”  As such, Dr. Hostin’s primary focus is on patient care, which he believes comes from more than just the surgeon: “Working at a center that focuses on providing optimal care for our patients allows us to build a world-class team that includes specially trained physicians, researchers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, radiologic technologists, registered nurses, medical assistants, and lots of devoted and caring staff.”

We Are Experts In Observing Children’s Growth

Finally, our team comprises pediatric orthopedic doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants specializing in children. Furthermore, our doctors are board-certified in their specialties and provide surgical and non-surgical care for children and teenagers. Also, we are experts in observing children’s growth and in recommending treatment. To help your child, we often use physical and rehabilitation therapies, braces, splints, and casts. When surgery is needed, we are the experts in performing procedures to treat children.
To summarize, Medical City Children’s Orthopedic and Spine Specialists consists of highly qualified and friendly staff who are here for all your child’s needs. Thus, we strive to provide easy access to our practice for all families in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  To support the community, we increased our access to exceptional children care by opening a new location in Arlington, Texas.


At each location, Arlington, Dallas, Frisco, and McKinney, we have a broken bone Care Clinic with Orthopedic Doctors who are ready to care for your child who may have a fractured arm, leg, or another body part.  Finally, no appointment is necessary and we will quickly attend to your child.

We are the experts in pediatric orthopedics.
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